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BREAKING NEWS: Over 300 Angel Funders Give Grants. Get this only from Grant Money Express


Have you ever tried to get a grant? Not an easy task. Especailly since COVID has forced layoffs and Grantors are still dragging on approvals or denials. Grantors are on skeletal crews, in many cases, making the grant process even more frustrating! But Grant Money Express has several new programs and tactics to counteract these slow-motion times. You can still get grant money of all kinds and you still don't have to pay it back. 


They now have an exclusive group from all over the world, of over 251 Angel Funders (and always growing). Grant Money Express meets with them every month and present their Customers' projects to them. This special funding group is very active in approving Grant Money Expresss' Customers and funding millions of dollars. This is only offered through Grant Money Express from their networking over the many years. AND you don't have to pay the money back. 


They are offering special grant money as well.  Do you need a grant for start-up money for a new business for $100,000 or more? Are you growing your company and need $100,000 to $50 Million Dollars? How about money for your nonprofit? Do you need a grant for a home? Do you need a grant for college tuition? Do you need a grant to remodel your home for $75,000 or more? 


Grant Money Express has been around a long time and are accredited from the Better Business Bureau with an A plus rating for many years. That's saying something. Find out what they can do for you. 


Contact us and see how you can qualify. 


Grants have been around forever and many people have not taken advantage of free money that you don't have to pay back. It's always been the same process too. But COVID has been the first game-changer to obtain Grant Money. 

Grants have always taken a while to get approved, but with COVID laying off Grantors and people who support them, it is taking an extra long time to get decisions from them. 

Grant Money Express has come up with the solution to that. No one else has access to this and this is totally exclusive. We have gathered over 150 wealthy business owners and CEOs and they are our Angel Funders. Just like the Grantors, they are giving grant money to our customers. They don't want a payback, just a write off for giving you the grant money. Our group is growing all the time. Grant Money Express has more Angel Funders every single month. They are a lively bunch and have funded over 80 grants since January 2021.  

We meet on a Zoom meeting around the 15th and 16th of every month. These Angel Funders are from all over the world and bring their interpreters with them. We give them until the end of each month to decide who they will fund. Then it takes us a week to contact all the Angel Funders and get you an answer. 

Grant Money Express is currently putting together another group of Angel Funders that will meet at the first of every month. Better get on board now!

This is offered only to our customers so you must see if you qualify.

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