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Imagine if you could  contact over 300 BIG companies that are just itching to give you money and all they want in return is a tax write-off. No payback needed! Grant Money Express has put together these companies from all around the world to help you with your business or nonprofit or personal needs. 

Five times a month, Grant Money Express puts on a huge and lively Zoom meeting and these companies hear presentations from our customers that need money. They decide within three weeks if you are to be funded. Yes, that quickly. If you are not funded the first time, you will have an opportunity every month and we are always growing our Angel Funding group. They don't care about a credit check and they don't dig into your business or want a part of your business. There is no payoff. The money is GIVEN to you as a GIFT. 

We went back 17 years and contacted any big businesses that had given our customers money in the past. We've put these people together to counteract the length of time in which it's taking to get approval from traditional Grantors during COVID. There are no strict guidelines either. You can only get this here, from Grant Money Express. Find Out More and Contact Us!


Grant Money Express - Here to Write & Submit Your Grant Proposals
Grant Money Express - Here to Write & Submit Your Grant Proposals

There are as many grants as there are stars in the sky. There are trillions of dollars in grants that are not even touched. You can get money for your business or nonprofit organization. We'll even help you set up your business or nonprofit. Let Grant Money Express help by writing and submitting Grant proposals for you cause or business.

Big Corporate Grants- Best Kept Secret
Big Corporate Grants- Best Kept Secret

n 2015, JP Morgan Chase and its Foundation gave more than $200 million in grant money to thousands of nonprofit organizations across 47 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and 43 countries. 

There are thousands of corporate grants from corporations and they are easier to get than federal grants. We can tap into those corporate grants for you.

Did You Know?
Did You Know?


Google Donates: $100 Million in Grants, 200,000 Hours, $1 Billion Dollars, each year.There are Billions of Dollars of Grants just from Corporations! We will help you find that money as part of our consulting services.

What We Do: A Highly Personalized Service
What We Do: A Highly Personalized Service

WE ARE A GRANT PROPOSAL WRITING FIRM : Our 40 plus years of combined experience has led us to this point. Take advantage of our knowledge and networking expertise. We search out the right grant money or funding that will help your project. Ours is a highly personalized service. That's why many others do not do this. Grants and Funding is very laborous and we only take your case if we think we have a fighting chance to find the right grant or funding for you. We are VERY successful getting grant money. 

  • We write the grant proposals based on your information. 
  • We research and find the right grant money or funding for you.
  • We submit the Applications and Grant Proposals for you.  It's extermely laborous, but it's what we do.
  • We follow the Proposal until the end. Another laborous process, but that's what we do.
  • If your proposal is denied, because of competition, we will find another grant that fits your needs and immediately file another grant proposal.
  • We give consulting for your company with tons of tips to save money on free grant money advertising and so much more. 
  • We can file an Application and follow it to approval. 
  • We provide advice to help you in the right direction in your business and quest.
  • We have 40+ years of combined networking with Funders and other people that can help you succeed.
  • References upon request! 


Finding Grant Money


We know how to get to the right grant money for you, in your location.

  • Our job is to furrow out the best grant money offered for your project. 
  • We work with your information to apply for the grant money. 
  • We then write a grant proposal specifically for your plans.
  • We follow it until it is approved or disapproved. We have a very high success rate.
  • We have access to thousands of grants, so we will apply to several grants for you.
  • We WON'T take on your project, if we don't think you are a proper fit for the grant money.
We Will Help You Become a Non-Profit Organization

We especially love to help you if you are helping others. If you want to help homeless Veterans, troubled teens, hospice patients or whatever you are empassioned about, we want to help. It definitely will help you get your grant money. We will help you apply for your 5013C Non-Profit Organization.


Funding available for roadside markers to commemorate folklore and promote  cultural tourism – Westside News Inc


You can't get traditional grants but you can get funding from our Angel Funders as a GIFT, just like a grant! This is a one-of-a-kind program.


Did You Know?
Did You Know?

The NFL is a non profit organization?

The teams are for profit but the NFL has $250 Million Dollars in revenue. You can be a Non Profit too.


Non Profit Organization THAT size? You Can Too
Non Profit Organization THAT size? You Can Too

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a nonprofit Organization! It provides health insurance for 107 Million people in 170 countries! You can be a nonprofit organization too.

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